The Middleton Media Group


Middleton Media Group is the central development, production and finance company of John Powers Middleton. Its focus is to create high quality, event-level entertainment for global audiences. 

The company innovates and brings to life feature films, original TV series and shorts, as well as interactive media in order to bring an entertaining and emotion-filled experience for viewers all over the world. 

The team behind Middleton Media Group has produced commercially successful and critically acclaimed movies and TV shows, including "Bates Motel", OLDBOY, THE LEGO MOVIE, THE BOY, SLEEPLESS and Oscar® Winner MANCHESTER BY THE SEA.


Featured Projects


Alex Foster

President of Development


Luke Franek

Creative Executive


Helena Vilaplana

Creative Executive (IMCA)


Jared Levine

General Counsel 


Glen Alpert


jpm companies

Diversified investment company focused on finance, real estate, technology & entertainment.

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Middleton media GRoup

Flagship Media, Entertainment, Gaming, Sports & Finance company founded by John P. Middleton.

affleck-middleton project

Strategic partnership between John P. Middleton and Casey Affleck for Film & Television development

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Middleton foundation

Philanthropic organization with the goal of building an enduring legacy through charitable giving to those in need.